Custom built installation brackets made to fit your saw! 

If you do not find a similar saw or are not sure if the Laserkerf will fit your saw just e-mail us and we will try to find a picture of your saw to help you make a decision.


Complete Installation Guide

Review the saws listed on in our gallery to determine how the Laserkerf will be mounted to your saw. Bracket information and photos of specific saw installations are located below. Additional information will be listed as soon as it is available on our web site.

Radial-arm Saw Installation

The Laserkerf can be attached to a great many radial-arm saws. This section will show the typical installations.

Miter Saw Installation

The Laserkerf is attached to a flat surface behind the blade, as shown below. Some saws such as the Dewalt 708 need an additional bracket to have enough surface area for the adhesive to hold properly.