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Now with the laser on my miter saw, I don't have to "eyeball" the cuts anymore. The laser not only improves my accuracy with my miter saw, it also makes the cuts easier, faster, and safer.

WOOD Magazine

Unlike other mitersaw lasers I've seen, Laserkerf shows the entire kerf. It matched my blade's width so well I could consistantly split a pencil line regardless of which side of the blade I sawed on. 

ShortCuts by Graham McCulloch

What makes the Laserkerf different from the others is quite simple, it projects a laser line precisely where the saw blade is going to make its cut. When installed properly the laser will actually light up the saw kerf.

Charles Neil demonstrated the LaserKerfII for locating precision cuts with a radial arm saw. A great tool for cutting in the right place the first time. For more information about Saws, please visit
Amateur demonstration of how to install the Laser Kerf 2 system to a Makita LS1216 SCMS. Laser Kerf Website:

Purchased by customers from every state in the USA, every province in Canada and 41 other countries. 

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I work with young adults with developmental disabilities who on many occasions have problems with fine motor skill.

This problem with fine motor skills as you can probably imagine led to many minutes of frustration trying to manipulate the saw and support their work while lining it up for a cut, which, when all was said and done was frequently inaccurate and overall an intimidating process.

With the laserkerf, they are able to achieve success within literally seconds. And it is overall safer for them as well as now they can line up their wood with the laser guide then clamp it, and place one hand in their pocket while the other engages the saw. They fell extremely empowered and more importantly successful!

It is with devices such as this that is making our woodworking shop a success!!!!
— Canada
Ryobi ts1342. I googled ‘mitre saw laser guide’, looked at the Irwin blade mounted laser (unwise) and saw yours. It was a no-brainer.
— Fauquay Varina, NC
I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my Laserkerf. I’ve been using mine on a Ridgid MS1290 for about a year now. And it has saved me a tremendous amount of time in measuring, marking, and cutting. Since I can see the cut mark from the laserkerf on my tape measure, I’m able to alleviate the step of marking my workpiece, situating it, and cutting. Now I just measure and cut.

I can’t count the number of times the Laserkerf has saved me time. Due to the Laserkerf, all my jobs are done more quickly.
— Rick
Looked up on Google search engine
Bought one, liked it so much I bought one for a second saw
— Lonnie
I have an old Craftsman RAS, circa 1994, and the installation took me about a half hr. following the instructions. I had forgot to order the mounting bracket, and an email to them got me that in less than a week. It is fantastic! It makes my old RAS pretend to be brand new. I haven’t tried angles as yet, but that seems straight forward. I installed the switch toward the front of the saw by drilling a hole in the cover, and mounting it under the cowling. It does work perfectly. Great find.
— Ronald
WOW. You are the best! That looks awfully good to me. I do believe you’ve sealed the deal for me and my two “new found loves” (a saw with digital angle/bevel readouts AND the best laser in the business)! Thanks no end for going above and beyond the call, and so very quickly at that. I really appreciate it.
— Kevin
Installed the Laserkerf. Nice ! A product that’s simple, affordable and
actually works. What a concept.
— Colorado
I have wanted a laser guide on my mitersaw ever since I saw one on the New Yankee workshop. I p[layed with the type that bolted on the blade and it was not right. Laserkerf has been on my saw more than a year and I get totally tight and precise cuts that are set up with the saw turned off. In addition, when I had a problem, the folks at Laserkerf jumped right in and solved it way beyond their expected responsibility. I cannot recommend their product more highly.
— Baltimore, MD
A Laserkerf was purchased for my miter saw. It worked so well that a second was purchased for my radial arm saw. An outstanding product. Works just as described and much better than the blade mounted laser.
— Michigan
Having lost several fingertips to a saw years ago, the safety advantages of this product make it superior to others. The cut can be precisely adjusted to the laser before the blade is started, which is especially effective for the larger, heavier pieces of lumber. Great design, installs and adjusts very easily.
— Chris
Just a note to say that the unit I just purchased is considerably higher in quality than I was expecting. Much brighter and with longer range than I thought it would be.
It was easy to install and works just great.
— Bill
Just received my Laser for my DeWalt Mitre Saw. Very easy to install, and exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much for such an invaluable tool. It does out “shine” the lasers that come standard with a few mitre saws I looked at. Didn’t like the idea of blade mounted and only on when the saw was running. This is a much better unit.
— M.W.
I really like the Laserkerf.
— Indiana
Nice product and super fast delivery.
— Ohio
Smooth transaction; prompt communication/delivery; good product.
— California
Very good product, fast service and very helpful, Would buy from again.
— Ohio
I just wanted to get back to you and let you know what a great product I know the laserkerf is. I installed it when it arrived but over the last two weeks have had the opportunity to use it extensively. It made my decking project with many different angles a breeze to cut. What a time saver and made my first cuts accurate.
— New York
I wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery of my Laserkerf product, it arrived the next day. I had a chance to install it on my miter saw this past weekend, and it was great! I made my miter cuts much more quickly and accurately than by hand. Thank you again for a terrific product.
— Kentucky
I’m doing a job that requires 13” cuts on my Rigid 1260. The only problem I have is that the beam is slightly out of focus after about 8”. It is still straight, but a little dim and fuzzy. I’m beginning to trust it on narrower pieces however, and I really like the fact that I don’t need the saw running for setup. I need both hands for work piece/table alignment! The installation is a snap on the Rigid 1260. In fact, Rigid would be wise to incorporate this device on this model.
— North Carolina
I installed my laserkerf with help from the photos on the website. Luckily my Delta Compound Miter (36-220) was one of the examples. Very simple to install once I knew where to place it. I have been wanting a laser guide ever since I first saw one used by Norm Abrams on “The New Yankee Workshop”. Thanks for a great, affordable and accurate product.
— Bob
Just to let you know I have had my new Laserkerf installed for a few weeks now and have been using it. This works so nice. My old miter saw had the type of laser that was bolted onto one side of the blade and the position of the laser changed as you made the cut. You never could see where you were going to cut until the saw came up to speed. Not a very safe operation. Never really like that one and I had a lot of bad cuts with it. Your new Laserkerf gives a perfect alignment for a confident cut every time. Works just like your guys said it would. What a great product worth every penny. Thank you!
— Rick
Installed the laser on my Dewalt 708 saw and it works as advertised, even outside in the sun. I did run into the local Dewalt representative at my neighborhood home depot and asked him about the availability of retrofit laser guides for their saws. He said that Dewalt did not foresee utilizing the technology due to stability and vibration problems. I told him I just installed a Laserkerf and was very satisfied with the performance and the accuracy.
— Georgia
Since I’ve started using the Laserkerf on my chop saw I know that every cut is going to be accurate. No more “nibbling” at the work piece to get the
dimension I want. On the mark every time.
— Kentucky
Received your product and I have installed it on my 12” Makita slider. I ‘ve only done a few test cuts, but so far it works very well. Adjustment was a bit time consuming and there is a learning curve as far as how you line up your marks to the laser line, however once I got the hang of it, I could split a pencil line in half.

The Laserkerf looks like it will be a great addition to an already great tool.
— California
I really love the tool !!! I can actually split a pencil mark on a piece of wood stock by simply lining it up with the edge of the beam. It only takes a second to line things up and get that kind of accuracy with the LaserKerf. Very nice product. By the way, my Dad likes the LaserKerf I bought him as much as I do. Thanks for the quick reply.
Received the package in last night’s mail. Installed it last night at about 9:30 – took me 15 minutes to install and adjust. Let everything stand overnight to let the adhesive set up. Tried a couple of cuts this morning – the cut had drifted one full kerf from what I set last night. Readjusted the unit (about 1 minute of time) and everything is cutting right on.This is much nicer that the laser setup on the Delta saw that I own.
— Bruce
The Laserkerf is installed, no problem. Took a couple of trial cuts and it’s dead on. The only thing I would have liked to see was about 6 more inches of wire on the switch so I could mount it closer to the saw switch. As it is I mounted the switch on top of the dust chute casting to the left of the saw guard and the battery pack on the casting below and to the left of the dust bag, next to the chart for molding angles. This gives easy access to both. This little add-on makes the Makita LS1013 the Rolls-Royce of mitre saws and I’m sure I’ll be pleased with the upgrade...Thanks for your patience with my impatience....Take care.
— B.K.
I’m very pleased. The product works exactly as you advertised it would
— Iowa
Quality product, quickly delivered; couldn’t ask for anything else!
— Virginia
Fast, efficient and a great deal. Thanks!
— Maryland
Fast service! It arrived in the mail today. Took me about 15 minutes to install and make very minor adjustments. Tried a couple cuts and it is right on the mark. Very well made unit.
Do have one suggestion, the switch needs to be about 3 inches further from the laser. I mounted mine on a DW705 on top of the carry handle. That’s as close as the cord would allow. I think it would be handier mounted on front of the motor. Also I’m thinking about changing my switch to a push button or toggle.

Just my 2 cents. All in all I am very happy with the unit and will recommend it to my friends and others.
— Washington
This thing is great. Set up was as simple as could be and is dead accurate. Great product for a great price, shipping time was out of this world. I am sure I will be enjoying my laserkerf for many years to come. Can’t wait to show my brother this weekend (he’ll be ordering one to I bet).
— North Carolina
Received my laserkerf attachment and put it to immediate use. It has diminished my set-up time and increased my accuracy. It has also made my old reliable radial-arm saw an even more valuable tool in my workshop. Many thanks for this great innovation.
— New York