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Software Have a question call, 859-494-0790 or e-mail  

The software contained on this disk has specific copy written by the author. Please contact the author if you have any questions. We supply these programs for your personal use.

To open the applications, open the CD from MY Computer and double click on the App's folder. Each of the applications are located within that folder. Drag and drop them to folder on your computer. The first three programs listed below are applications that will install onto you computer and the last four run on Microsoft Excel.


Acrobat reader: opens PDF files

CoveCut: an excel spread sheet application that calculates the set up on a table saw to cut coves.

SketchUP: A 3d drawing program that is simple to use with dramatic results.

The following applications are performed using Microsoft Excel. To make sure that you do not destroy the original program open the program and them save it under the project name before you make any changes.

Arc Calculator: An excel application that makes it very easy to calculate and draw an arc on a project.

Cabinet Calculator: A Great program for determining the sizes of each piece of a cabinet. Be sure to look at the tabs at the bottom of the screen for different types of cabinets.

Drill size: When you need a hole exactly the size you want it is nice to have a list of all the drill sizes so you can choose the correct one.

Raised Panel Calculator: Calculates the dimensions for the rails, stiles and panels for the exact size door you want. Several stiles are listed on the bottom tabs.